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 What are the Best Engineering Branches after the Covid Pandemic

After class 12, the Bachelor of Engineering (or B.Tech) is the most popular course in India. Industry estimates show that India has approximately 15 lakh engineers each year. Unfortunately, only 2.5 million students from the best engineering branches get job opportunities in technical fields. Most students couldn't find the right answer to the question, "Which engineering branch suits me the most?". They choose a B.Tech field that is popular, rather than choosing the one that best suits their professional and personal goals. know more about fees of dy patil engineering college pune

We've covered all the details regarding the top engineering branches for B.Tech admission in 2021. This information will assist you in making the right decision to choose the best engineering branch. know more about vijay patil school of management

After Covid-19, the trends in engineering branches

The COVID-19 pandemic in India shook the world. But the Indian youth didn't stop fighting to survive and compete under a series of lockdowns. India has seen a steady rise in IT professionals from the top engineering branches. They are now adjusting to remote work and a new normal. Their industry survival was supported by strong Cloud infrastructure. According to the India Skills Report 2021 from Wheebox students with B.Tech/B.E backgrounds were the most employable of all qualifications.

Each year, thousands of students receive engineering degrees. To meet this demand, however, skilled graduates are needed in an ever-evolving and changing market. Artificial Intelligence and data science are all in high demand. These are now considered the top engineering branches under Computer Science Engineering.

Do you think about the best engineering branches? We carefully reviewed various surveys and reports on market behavior changes, skill demand post-pandemic.

The Best Engineering Branch for 2021

This list was prepared in accordance with the current demand and the job opportunities in the top engineering branches of India. There might be very few branches on the list. These are the most promising engineering fields with high salaries. We don't want to see you follow the crowd. Make the best career decisions based on accurate statistics and insight. You can choose the best engineering branches according to your passion and skills.

1. Computer Science Engineering

Computer science engineering is one the most well-known B.Tech fields. Computer science is an integral part the modern world. India's information technology sector accounted for around 8% of the country's GDP in 2020. This means that around 138000 jobs in the IT sector were created. Indian software products are expected to exceed US$ 100 billion by 2025.

You can get a job in an IT company if you have the right skills. An average computer science engineer salary in India is Rs 5,52,500 per annum. The salary package can increase depending on the level of experience and the addition of in-demand skills sets.

You will need to have a common skill set:

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